Chugach Professional Oilfield Services provides our professional consultant, program managers, drilling, completions and production/testing engineers have extensive knowledge and experience working in Alaska's oilfield.  We have a reputation and track record of completing jobs successfully, on time, and cost effectively.

Drilling Services

Global GSR Double
Carrier mounted
Shallow drilling rig

Rapid rig up and easily mobed

Substructure, catwalks, mud pit, boiler, pipe racks, matting boards, tools, spare parts and equipment


Drilling operations, coil tubing, completions, work-overs

Operating around the Cook Inlet and North Slope of Alaska

We have local crews with the experience needed to drill in Alaska's unique environment and climate.  We provide workover, drilling, coil tubing and maintenance crews to operators around Alaska.  AAO’s commitment to the safety of our personnel and protection of the environment is at the forefront of every task we perform, no matter the size.   

Professional Services

Providing unparalleled support to Alaska's oil and gas industry

Rig 111